Hello Is This Dr Dolittle?.

Dr Seuess, Dr Dolittle, Zany Lady, Debbie n dad

Take your pick!!!!!!!!

I am Debbie Meyerson a qualified animal behaviourist, qualified in dogs and studying cats and Animal nutrition through Hills.
My other attributes through the years going back to 1983, bunking college to work at the vet, hands on are skin problems, individual dog training, individual dog walking Dog Behaviourist (mentor Karen Kilfoil-Gray). House and Pet sitting. Done by myself. I have many references for ALL my experience. I also do hydrotherapy for small to medium dogs nothing over 20 kilograms.

I am on the ABN Southern Suburbs (animal business network). I am eccentric and have vast knowledge and when I am not sure I ask Karen.
I am honest, have integrity and all that is discussed is confidential and very reliable. My late dad taught me rather too early than too late!

I am involved with advocacy work, fighting for the rights of people living with disabilities.
I am on the executive committees of two organisations which represent these persons. CCAB (Cape Consumer Advocacy Body) is one, and they meet twice monthly on a ad-hoc basis. The other board is the disability board of the Western Cape who fight for the rights of all people with all disabilities.

Contact me on Email: debbiendad@telkomsa.net or I am available 24/7 for emergencies 021 797 7088 or 079 062 8617


We had a good week with Poppy, the Dachund. Unfortunately for Cassie and I our beloved Louise (my social worker of 8 years), passed away at 5pm on the 17th March 2011. Cassie’s admirer has joined Raphael in the meadows in the sky.
They are at peace now…

the family has now grown!! We look after 3 dachunds at the moment 2 are staying with me and one Madame Poppy comes daily. We know when Poppy has been here the toy box gets taken to pieces, toys strewn all over she is the baby of the group and Cassisy says “oh mom”.

Gabicat our special needs cat she is almost totaly blind do not confuse her by moving the furniture, she initiates all the animals into the house and lays down the law she teases the dogs, actualy taunts them and then gets them into trouble. NB Cats rule dogs drool! Always with a smirk on the innocent babysface and she laughs at them!

The studies are going well just got to get into the mode. Lots on the agenda for thr year ahead and will keep me out of mischief.

Gadget our cat whose father was BIG BONED jumped up and stole food out the plate and guzzelled it done. Look at it ths way the person was cat friendly but when she tried is a second try we humans got ignored the whole day.